Take Out Menu 포장 메뉴

Dong Chi Mi Gook Soo 동치미국수 now available for take out!

Dong Chi Mi Gook Soo 동치미국수

Cold Noodle in Soup


Barbecue 구이

Fully cooked meat, complemented with assorted banchan, rice and a side soup

Bulgogi 불고기

Marinated Sliced Beef Tenderloin


Kalbi 갈비

Boneless Short Rib Cubes


Dak Gui 닭구이

Marinated Chicken


Daeji Gui 돼지구이

Sliced Pork Marinated in Hot & Spicy Sauce


Lunch Plates 정식특선

Available All Day

Kalbi Lunch Special 갈비정식

Boneless Short Rib Cubes Lunch Special


Bulgogi Lunch Special 불고기 정식

Marinated Sliced Beef Tenderloin Lunch Special


Chicken Lunch Special 닭구이 정식

Marinated Chicken Lunch Special


Spicy Pork Lunch Special 돼지불고기 정식

Spicy Pork Lunch Special


Bibimbap 비빔밥

Rice Bowl Topped with Beef, Assorted Namul (Vegetables) and an Egg


Soup 탕

Gom Tang 곰탕

Tripe and Beef Soup


Yuk Gae Jang 육계장

Shredded Beef in Spicy Vegetable Soup


Ugeoji Tang 전통 우거지탕

Traditional Napa Cabbage, Miso, Beef Soup


Extras 별도

Lettuce 상추


Rice 밥


Jang Ah Chi 장아찌

Soy Pickled Veggies


Ssam Jang 쌈장

Korean Bean Paste




Coca-Cola, 7-Up


Bottled Water 병물