The Corner Place

Over the years, The Corner Place Restaurant has become a gastronomical destination for locals, the Korean diaspora, and lovers of Korean food from the world over.

The menu has been virtually the same since its inception and judging from the feedback of its loyal customers, it will not change anytime soon. We pride ourselves in being a family owned restaurant serving traditional Korean food.

Dong Chi Mi Gook Su

The Dong Chi Mi Gook Su is a cold noodle dish in a fermented vegetable soup base. A kimchee dish originating in North Korea and maintaining the nutritional and healthy properties of kimchee, we take pride in the secret recipe used to create this traditional dish.

Using our own customized refrigeration unit, this vegetarian dish is served ice-cold, a perfectly refreshing compliment to the sizzle of barbecued meat or on its own on a hot Southern California day.

Our Barbeque

Known for our generous portions, we at The Corner Place only use meat that is USDA Choice and above and offer a selection of the most enjoyed cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. Please see the Menu for meat offerings.